3-Point Lighting 2-Hour "Pressure Project"

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3-Point Lighting 2-Hour "Pressure Project"

Renders from a lighting study with toys completed in 2 hours to imitate the atmosphere of a child's room with night light and light peeking through the door. This project is meant to test and showcase a Digital Lighting TD's basic technical knowledge of a simple 3-point lighting setup. All participants started with a simple Maya scene which included three toys, a cube, and no lights or shaders.

The overall lighting setup for the scene includes a key light, a fill light, a rim/back light, and a spotlight with a patterned star gobo. Additionally, two spot lights which simulate warm interior light coming from a door that is cracked open slightly. The scene is rendered with mental ray. Reflections and refractions are turned on, as well as final gathering. The scene we had to light included toy figures, so I decided to create an environment that was in a child's playroom at night with a night-light (as insinuated by the blue key light and the stars gobo) and a light that would occur streaming through a cracked open door that was created with the use of two lights with their barn barn doors turned on, forming a long, diagonal stream of yellow light on the background.