Successful Navigation of Career Change - and New Design Events in the #ATX!

In the last month, I successfully navigated a career change within IBM and I'm happy to announce I am a Content Manager. My role in Enterprise Social Solutions in Social Marketing - Analytics - specifically focuses on IBM Verse and IBM Cloud Connections as Content Manager for install base, white space, & cross-sell. I work with ESS to produce content and develop the market strategy along the pipeline, devising plans to capture a new customer set both outside and inside the current install base. A large part of the role revolves around cohorts: strategy that involves creation of personas on a deep level and then targeting the content/assets we create to fit the needs of the ideal buyer. Digital content produced includes web design, infographics, videos, animations, social tiles, presentations, and beyond. I am also involved in strategizing and planning stages of content generation.

What does this mean? I am now a cross-breed between a marketer and a designer. I can strategize for and execute assets all along the marketing pipeline for several exciting new solutions we are just beginning to roll out at IBM, including IBM Verse, and the software that IBMers themselves use for communication on a daily basis including Cloud Connections and Notes. I am stationed at an exciting turning point in the history of IBM as we transition from on-prem to the cloud and offer brand new solutions. I am an advocate of the design influences that have been occuring company-wide, in all sectors but specifically within marketing. Coming into this new role with a background in design is advantageous as I can strategize as well as execute campaigns, assets, and collateral along the entire pipeline. My new role is helping me to evolve professionally and as a designer and now, as a marketer *puts marketing hat on.*


IBM is a long-standing, trusted company with a rich history in design. Paul Rand, arguably the most influential American Graphic Designer, was a pioneer in the field - converting the idea of a part-time "hired artist" to the essential career role of Graphic Designer. With his modernist influences, he was the originator of the Swiss style of graphic design in America. He also established distinct corporate identities for IBM, UPS, and ABC.

“He more than anyone else made the profession reputable. We went from being commercial artists to being graphic designers largely on his merits.”

-Louis Danziger

Eliot Noyes and Thomas J. Watson Jr. founded the first corporate design program at IBM, and Rand was an essential contributor.


I am proud to take part in the history and the current movement towards a design-centric corporate strategy, which is happening not just within IBM, but within the tech industry worldwide.

That being said, I wish to stay attuned to current events outside of IBM: to stay industry-relevant and to gain skills and knowledge apart from the company bubble. Fundamentally I am a designer and an artist, and there is a vibrant culture for art and design within my community of Austin, Texas. I hope to become more involved in this circuit and to extend my professional knowledge and skills by rubbing shoulders with industry professionals at Austin's very own Creative Mornings, a lecture series which features amazing talent, usually hosted in a hoppin' design locale around town with local breakfast and coffee served. This Friday will feature Antonio Delgado, an assets manager at Texas Instruments and co-founder of Science in a Suitcase. His nonprofit organization teaches children about the intersection between creativity and engineering through robotics. The event will take place at Austin's TechShop in North Austin, and will be an opportunity for gaining industry insight, as well as learning how several disciplines may overlap in new and profound ways. See you there!


Allison M. Biesboer