Genre Through Lighting and Camera: Film Noir

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Genre Through Lighting and Camera: Film Noir

This project focuses on the simulation of selected Film Genre types, specifically Crime Drama (and further diversified from that Film Noir) by applying the fundamental principles and elements of virtual lighting and virtual camera to a simple scene of virtual objects. Properties of light are explored are intensity, direction, shape, color, filtering and quality. Properties of camera that are explored are framing and lense. To accomplish the essence of Film Noir, scenes were rendered with high contrast and the lense was changed to accomodate for wide angle lenses used in long shots, low angle, and Dutch Angles (Skewed) shots, to demonstrate the dark and distorted frame of mind of the character - something that is characteristic of Film Noir. Images were rendered with color and in photoshop tweaked for desaturation and exposure. Few lights were used, and a foggy, murky atmosphere was created to simulate the double-exposure and high contrast characteristic of Film Noir. A Gobo light was also added to the scene to create the hint of a figure's shadow - which adds an element of mystery that is distinctly Film Noir. Long shadows were also cast from the window light and from other lights to account for the long shadows with repeating shapes and lines that occur as visual tropes in Film Noir.


Maya, Photoshop