MFA in Digital Animation and Interactive Media Courses

Courses taught:

Design 5405 - Web Communications (Click here for course blog)

Topics include HTML/CSS, web design as it pertains to the user-centered design process utilizing semester-long group projects. Group project involved developing a business idea and charter and realized it into a working prototype. Project involved user research, competitor analysis, created personas, information architecture, prototyping, wireframing, interface design, usability testing, collaborative design research, and analysis. I created ~ 75% of the course material for this class, as it was previously unstructured (and because the web is a constantly evolving landscape).

Design 3400 - Design Media 1

Some topics covered include storytelling, creating storyboards and animatics, animation and video editing with Premiere). The course was geared towards interior design students.

Courses taken:

  • Orientation to Grad Design
  • Intro to 3D Computer Animation - Maya
  • History of Animation
  • History of Experimental Animation
  • Interdisciplinary Research Seminar
  • Building Virtual Environments - Unity
  • Digital Cinematography
  • Planning Development & Evaluation
  • Video II: Apple's Motion 5

  • Film Studies - Special Topics in Film: Transitions in Film History
  • Grad Design Studio: Group & Individual Animation Projects
  • Digital & Physical Lighting
  • Synthetic Cinema
  • Grad Design Studio 2: Individual Animation Projects
  • Experiential Media Systems
  • Independent Study - Thesis Project (3 courses)
  • Independent Study - Thesis Writing (3 courses)