MFA in Digital Animation and Interactive Media


Allison Biesboer completed an M.F.A. in 2014 from The Ohio State University, in Digital Animation and Interactive Media. Graduate coursework and the M.F.A. thesis are fundamental to skill-building and the the experience and knowledge Allison applies to the design and animation industries. In the DAIM program at The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, students typically spend 2 years on pre-thesis explorations while learning different technical approaches, learning writing skills, and techniques for performing research. Class projects follow a thread of interest, while the third and final year is dedicated to a thesis project, usually in the form of a short film and a thesis paper.

In conjunction with thesis-building and courses, Allison has worked as a Graduate Research Assistant which constitutes 20 hours a week. One of Allison's GRA projects, a two-year long project, SWSS, can be seen in the Interface Design section of this web site. For the 3rd year of the M.F.A. Design - DAIM program, Allison has been an instructor for Design 3400 - Design Media 1, a class for interior design students to learn storyboarding and video editing techniques with Premiere, as well as Design 5405 - Web Communications; a web design course covering introductory HTML/CSS, and the user-centered design process in the form of semester-long group projects.