2011 - 2014 Reel

Allison Biesboer Generalist Motion Media & 3D Demo Reel 2011-14 from Allison Biesboer on Vimeo.

2011 - 2014 Motion Design + Animation Reel

Reel run time: 2:20

This reel is a sample of some of my graduate works in the areas of animation, a 3D virtual environment built in Unity, digital lighting examples done in Maya, and motion graphics - the last four were created for The Ohio State University Athletic Department Scoreboard (Buckeyes).

Some of the special techniques featured are using compositing, particle effects, matte tracking, light wrapping, mental ray fog, final gather/global illumination, custom shaders, and JavaScript among others. **Please note all parts of this reel are individual endeavors and I created every piece.

Some of the projects featured in this reel:

Diversa (Thesis Film) Trailer
Alien Fractals on the Planet Gliese 581 g
What Does Reality Mean to You?
Circuitboard City - A collapse of the technological hyperreality
Reality, Defined.
Touchdown Buckeyes!!!
Awesome Exclamation Animation
ERMAHGERD! Berkeryes!
Get Loud!

September 2011 - July 2014

Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Audio editing, Illustrator, Photoshop, Mudbox, Digital Film, Unity