MFA in Digital Animation and Interactive Media Thesis

Diversa (Thesis Film) Trailer from Allison Biesboer on Vimeo


Trailer run time: 1:05. Film run time: 7:00

Short Synopsis:

Diversa is a visual exploration of distinct modes of hyperreal imagery and motion graphics as a way of expressing that reality is experienced differently by every individual. Borrowing influences from philosophy and contemporary cinema to develop a unique amalgamated visual style, the film’s design process combines 2D motion graphic techniques with 3D animation to correspond with a narration constructed from opinions of everyday people.


Diversa explores the results from anonymous participants who responded to 3 simple questions about reality and current cinema. The film visually and aurally traverses the subject of hyperreality as it pertains to film and perceptions of reality. We all perceive our own unique version of reality, from life and from the films we watch. A distinct, different version of reality, which cannot be experienced by anyone else...

The thesis film is accompanied by a publication which details the research, reason for making, and the process of creation of Diversa, The process of designing animation and motion graphics as a visual response to surveyed opinions on hyperreality, reality, and film.

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September 2013 - July 2014

Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Audio Editing, Illustrator, Photoshop, Mudbox, Digital Film