CSS Zen Garden: 8-Bit Theme

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CSS Zen Garden: 8-Bit Theme

Launch project

CSS Zen Garden is a collective in which participants receive the same HTML code and cannot edit the content (except to import CSS). The project is intended to showcase CSS skills, and was created as a lecturer in Design 5405 Web Communications as an example for students. The site design was created in one day and was presented to students who were asked to "outdo" the instructor's design (this design).

The theme for this design is 8-Bit, as homage to the 8-Bit graphics that were used to make the video games of the 80s and early 90s. Best way to view the project is in your browser at 100%, but zoom in all the way (CTRL +) for an easter egg (The sun will set!).


Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS, Illustrator, Dreamweaver